2021 Bacich Talent Show Website

  It's Time To Get Your Act Together We are so excited for your child (2nd-4th grader) to participate in the 2nd Annual Bacich Talent Show! Please assist your child in choosing an act that will allow them to SHINE.  Show us your dancing, singing, acting, magic tricks, hula hooping, comedy, karate, poetry, yoyo tricks, gymnastics, bike tricks, musical instruments, pet tricks... Surprise us!  Each performance must be no more than TWO minutes long and include elementary-school appropriate material.  Group acts will be permitted if participan ts are already within the same school or sports/activities cohort and the most recent regional guidelines are followed for safe social distancing (which at the time of this writing include: masks, outdoors only, 6-feet apart).   The fun will culminate on Friday April 30 with a school assembly (virtual) for students only  and  an evening show for families and friends. Be sure to read dates and guidelines below!  Questions? Email Bacich Talent Show